- Missions

The Department of Forestry is aimed at providing the best scientific training programs for its undergraduate and graduate students, having students well prepared for pursuing advanced studies or careers in the natural resource management or forest products industries.
The curricula for the undergraduate program are subdivided into two divisions: forest science and wood science. Each division provides further study options: students can choose major forest management or forest biology and conservation major in the forest science division, and wood chemistry or wood physics in the wood science division.
Each division is characterized by a series of core and elective courses. Course loads are 138 credits for a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in a 4-year program.
The graduate program of the Department offers in-depth programs for pursuing the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. Course loads are 30 credits for M.S., and 36 credits for Ph.D. programs, respectively. Graduate students are required to conduct independent research and complete with a thesis (M.S.) or a dissertation (Ph.D.).
Graduate training in the Department is characterized by the close attention and advice from assigned faculty supervisors. Through an individualized program of lectures in the class, tutoring and research in basic and applied topics, graduate students are prepared for pursuing the careers in academics or higher ranking governmental officials.

- Research Highlights

  • Forest policy and management.
  • Forest economics and evaluation.
  • Remote sensing and GIS.
  • Taxonomy, forest ecology and biodiversity.
  • Tree physiology, genetics and conservation biology.
  • Wood anatomy and processing.
  • Forest products utilization, improvement, and development.
  • Pulping and functional paper making.
  • Wood plant secondary metabobits.
  • Biomass energy and its applications.

Department Building in the main campus

- Faculty and Students


here are currently 19 full-time faculty members at the Department, including 7 full-time Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, two Lecturers and 8 part-time Professors and one part-time lecture.


Every year, about 70 students enroll for the undergraduate program and 40 for the graduate program. The graduate program is opened to foreign applicants.

- Prospectives

The Department is aimed at cultivating the well-rounded talents, unique in its multi-disciplinary programs to help students develop comprehensive basic knowledge and analytical skills.
Students are encouraged to have a global view as there is no boundary for the nature. For the core and elective curricula, the Department offers several additional international learning opportunities through student exchange programs with a number of international universities. Some of such programs grant credits. It also welcomes international students to visit the campus for short-term studies under non-credit programs. The Department works closely with the University's Office of Research and Development to arrange the overseas study programs.

Bei Kou Experimental Station Wufeng, Taichung

Hui Sun Experimental Forest Ren-Ai, Nantou