We prepare the next generation of professionals in forest management, biology conservation, as well as wood products manufacturers sustainable use of natural resources. We aim to discover new knowledge, engage key stakeholders in the science, governments, industry to sustain the health, diversity, productivity of the Nation’s forests. Our vibrant supportive department offers two undergraduate majors: Forest Sciences Wood Sciences. Our graduate program offers Master of Science with three majors: Forest Management, Forest Biology, Wood Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Sciences Wood Sciences.

Forest Science (Undergraduate)

The core themes for forest science are forest biology forest management. Forest biology emphasizes understanding how forest ecos function. Related courses include taxonomy, forest ecology, genetics, soil science, tree physiology, etc. Students will learn to apply biological, ecological, economic social knowledge such as silviculture, wildlife management, economics, forest policy, as you develop implement sustainable forest management plans. This major prepares the student for careers with public agencies such as Forestry Bureau, private industry consulting firms research institutes. Students also gain hands-on training experience through labs internships.

Wood Science (Undergraduate)

This major focuses on wood products manufacturers, renewable bio-based materials biomass energy. Areas of specialization include wood anatomy processing, forest products utilization, improvement, development, wood coating, manufacture of bio‐charcoal vinegars, pulping functional paper making, applications preservations of bio‐based materials, wood plant secondary metabolites, biomass energy its applications.

M.S. Degrees

Advance​e basic knowledge application of forest science wood science. Help students to develop ability of independent learning, problem solving, logical thinking.

Ph.D. Degrees

Our PhD program is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in research industry. In addition to training of independent research problem solving, the program provides opportunities to explore cutting-edge research techniques with real world application.