The department aims to provide advanced education and deliver world-class science and technology in forestry for biodiversity conservation, sustainable environmental management, and human well-being.

01 Biodiversity Conservation

  1. Forest and wildlife habitat management
  2. Taxonomy, and population dynamics of native species
  3. Water and nutrient cycling of forest ecosystem
  4. Breeding, genetics, and restoration of native species
  5. Relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants
  6. Chemistry, genetic variation, and interaction between species

02 Sustainable Environmental Management

  1. Forest policy and management
  2. GIS for environmental monitoring and assessment
  3. Carbon storage and sequestration
  4. Water resources and forest ecology

03 Contribution To Human Well-being

  1. Forest products utilization, improvement, and development.
  2. Wood anatomy and processing.
  3. Reuse of wood products and development of wood composites
  4. Wood plant secondary metabolites.
  5. Applications and preservations of bio‐based materials
  6. Biomass energy and its applications.