Journal Articles

TitleUnderstanding direct indirect effects of Payment for Eco Services on resource use wildlife
AuthorHsiang Ling Chen, Rebecca L. Lewison, Li An, Shuang Yang, LeiShi , Weiyong Zhang
Published Date2020
Page31, 100255
TitleAssessing the effects of payments for eco services programs on forest structure species biodiversity
JournalBiodiversity Conservation
AuthorHsiang Ling Chen, Rebecca L. Lewison, Li An, Yu Hsin Tsai, Douglas Stow, Lei Shi & Shuang Yang
Published Date2020
Page29, 2123–2140
TitleCascading Impacts of Payments for Eco Services in Complex Human-Environment s
JournalJournal of Artificial Societies Social Simulation
AuthorLi An, Judy Mak, Shuang Yang, Rebecca Lewison, Douglas A. Stow, Hsiang Ling Chen, Weihua Xu, Lei Shi, Weiyong Zhang, Yu-Hsin Tsai
Published Date2020
Page23 (1), 5
TitleMonitoring land-cover and land-use dynamics in Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve
JournalApplied Geography (IF: 3.068, 15/83 in Geography,17.17%)
AuthorYu Hsin Tsai, Douglas Stow, Li An, Hsiang Ling Chen, Rebecca Lewison, Lei Shi
Published Date2019
TitleCan we use body size and road characteristics to anticipate barrier effects of roads in mammals? a meta-analysis
JournalHystrix-Italian Journal of Mammalogy (IF: 1.862, 38/167, 22.75%)
AuthorChen, H.*, and J. L. Koprowski.
Published Date2019
TitleSpatial and temporal relationship between native mammals and free-roaming dogs in a protected area surrounded by a metropolis.
JournalScientific Reports. (IF: 4.122, 12/64 in Multidisciplinary Sciences, 18.8%)
AuthorYen, S., Y. Ju., P. Lee Shaner, and H. Chen*
Published Date2019
Page9: 8161
TitleDemography and welfare status of free-roaming dogs in Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan.
JournalPreventive Veterinary Medicine (IF: 1.924, 22/140 in Veterinary Sensing, 15.7%)
AuthorHu, C., P. Yu, C. Kang, H. Chen and S. Yen.
Published Date2019
Page166: 49-45
TitleMapping vegetation and land use types in Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve using Google Earth Engine.
JournalRemote Sensing (IF: 3.244, 7/29 in Remote Sensing, 24%)
AuthorTsai, Y., D. Stow, H. Chen, R. Lewison, L. An and L. Shi.
Published Date2018
Page10: 927.
TitleDifferential effects of roads and traffic on space use and movements of native forest-dependent and introduced edge-tolerant species.
JournalPLOS ONE (IF: 2.806, 15/64 in Multidisciplinary Sciences, 23.4%)
AuthorChen, H.*, and J. L. Koprowski.
Published Date2016
TitleBarrier effects of roads on an endangered forest obligate: influences of traffic, road edges, and gaps.
JournalBiological Conservation (IF: 4.022, 8/53 in Biodiversity Conservation, 15%)
AuthorChen, H.*, and J. L. Koprowski.
Published Date2016
Page199: 33-40.