Journal Articles

TitlePatterns of litterfall and nutrient return at different altitudes in evergreen hardwood forests of Central Taiwan.
JournalAnnals of Forest Science (accepted)
AuthorLu, S. W. and C. P. Liu*
Published Date2012
Published Date2011
Page33(1): 65-76
TitleEffects of simulated acid rain on the antioxidative system in Cinnamomum philippinense seedlings.
JournalWater, Air, & Soil Pollution (SCI)
AuthorE. U Liu and C. P. Liu*
Published Date2011
Page215: 127-135
TitleTyphoon disturbance and forest dynamics: lessons from a northwest pacific subtropical forest.
JournalEcosystems (SCI)
AuthorLin, T. C., S. P. Hamburg, K. C. Lin, L. J. Wang, C. T. Chang*,Y. J. Hsia, M. A. Vadeboncoeur, C. M. MabryMcMullen, and C. P. Liu
Published Date2011
Page14(1): 127-143
TitleSimulated flood frequency response to forest cover removal for an upstream watershed in central Taiwan.
JournalTaiwan Journal of Forest Science (EI)
AuthorLu, S. Y. *, C. P. Liu, L. S. Hwang and C. H. Wang
Published Date2010
Page25(2): 139-153
Published Date2010
Page43(4): 361-373
TitleTemporal variation of seepage water chemistry before and after the Hengchun Ms 7.2 earthquake in south Taiwan.
JournalGeoderma (SCI)
AuthorLiu,C. P., C. H. Wang and L. S. Hwang
Published Date2010
Page155(1): 107-114
TitleObservation of SO2 dry deposition velocity at a high elevation flux tower over an evergreen broadleaf forest in Central Taiwan.
JournalAtmospheric Environment (SCI)
AuthorTsai, J. L., C. L. Chen, B. J. Tsuang*, P. H. Kuo, K. H. Tseng, T. F. Hsu, B. H. Sheu, C. P. Liu and M. T. Hsueh
Published Date2010
Page44: 1011-1019
Published Date2010
Page43(2): 223-230
Published Date2010
Page32(3): 35-44